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Stains, stains, stains! What a mess some of you get in trying to remove coffee, tea and red wine stains as well as grease, oil, hot wax, varnish, paint, make-up. You name it we have seen and treated them all. We will not even mention some of the products we see customers apply to these stains but put it this way, we wish you would stop doing it!


Any stain you try to treat using over the counter, high alkaline, heavily-foaming cleaning products will in most circumstances either make your stain worse or even permanent. If you need to use anything just use a clean cloth to mop up any residue and some cold water. By doing this we stand a far better chance of successful removal if not a drastic improvement. When you use these products to treat stains, then that is generally followed by hot water and in most cases you will usually set them there forever.

We have been treating carpet and upholstery stains in Exeter and throughout Devon for over forty years, believe us when we say we have seen an amazing amount of damage caused from using the wrong products. Removing stains is a tricky, time-consuming business and stains need to be worked on patiently and in an ordered process to eliminate what the customer has normally already done and to prevent any further damage occurring. Here you can see a picture of an awful red wine stain in Silverton Devon, fortunately the customer did nothing other than mop it up and put a light detergent solution on it. Realising the problem was a bad one, thank goodness, she called Masterclean®.

On arrival the technicians first job was trying to calm the customer down! Then they went to work armed with a myriad of stain removal solutions, techniques and knowledge. A little time and patience was required with this particular stain as it had so many splashes in different directions. However, an hour or so later and these were the results obtained. The customer was of course very relieved and extremely thankful as this carpet was only a few months old.

Here we have a nasty coffee stain at the Swallow Eaves Hotel in Colyford, Devon. The proprietor, Mrs. Robinson, called our HQ in a panic. The carpet was brand new, fitted the previous day ready for the new occupants on their arrival. Fortunately we have carried out stain removal work here before and instructed the proprietor to leave the stains alone and call us as soon as she could. Luckily she listened!

So here are the results after around an hour of working on this horrible looking stain, an insurance claim and new carpet avoided. We have since been back on many occasions for various stains on carpets and upholstery and we are glad to report that the proprietor is still resisting the temptation to try everything under the kitchen sink! As instructed by our technicians, she now only uses a Masterclean® spot and stain remover. She then calls us.


If you need carpet or upholstery stain removal in Exeter or throughout Devon, please do not apply any cleaning products to it other than cold water and give us a call. We will do all we can to assist.


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