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Mattresses need cleaning for many reasons. In recent years with the increase in allergy sufferers' complaints, we get called to clean mattresses throughout Exeter and Devon on a regular basis. Dust mites are the main cause of the problems encountered here or rather the proteins in their faeces. Eczema can also be a problem. Fortunately, our cleaning process deals with this and although it will not cure you, mattress cleaning can most certainly ease yours or your child's symptoms.

Just think about the amount of hours you spend in your bed, not enough we hear some of you say! However, the warm, moist environment is a breeding ground for dust mites; the warmer it gets and the more you move around, the more the irritants the dust mites produce become airborn ready for you to breathe in, often making you wake up with a cough or runny eyes and nose.

The mattress above is a good quality mattress cleaned in Westhill near Ottery St. Mary in Devon. The first stage of cleaning is a thorough vacuum on both sides and edges. You can see from the picture here the incredible amount of nasty-looking dust removed! Within this container now holding all this dust there are thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of dust mites, dry skin which they feed off and of course the protein from their excrement that causes all the allergy problems.

Of course customers from Exeter and throughout Devon do not just call us to clean mattresses for allergy reasons. We understand that accidents do happen for whatever reason, it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Pets, children and even adults have accidents and we are able to offer advice and solutions to your mattress cleaning problems no matter what has occurred.


Quite often mattresses get cleaned at the end of a tenancy before you move back in or new tenants arrive. There are many reasons why it makes sense to have your mattresses cleaned not least the expense of replacing a good quality one.


Our advice is not to try and clean them yourselves, you can easily cause permanent damage and staining. Many of the stains from urine or sweat are permanent but it does not mean the mattress cannot be successfully cleaned and sanitised before placing a mattress cover on it to keep it in good condition.


Our professional mattress cleaning technicians are the best available, highly experienced, hard working and most importantly great people who want you to have the best possible outcome to every job they complete.


You can be assured of fantastic customer service and to help you keep your mattress clean until our next visit, Masterclean's amazing spot and stain remover is available. Just ask the technicians on the day of your appointment or you can call our offices to order yours today.


We are always extremely busy throughout the year so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.




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