Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning can be a time-consuming and annoying process for a customer. It usually involves the curtains having to be removed from their rails, packaged up and taken to the dry cleaners. Once cleaned they generally will require ironing after being creased in transport on your return journey home. Only after this time-consuming and tricky situation will you then be able to re-hang them to their rails and who knows what problems that could bring!

We clean your curtains where they hang or as we call it "in-situ", there is no need to take them down at all. The saving in time and hassle for you is invaluable and the results, if done properly, are the same if not better.


The soil in curtains is completely different to that found in other floor coverings and soft furnishings and generally mostly dust and dry soil, which can be quite difficult to remove if the proper tools and techniques are not used.


Most curtains are dry cleaned, especially if lined, as cleaning them with water could easily result in shrinkage and other problems. Only on very rare occasion would we ever clean hanging curtains with a water extraction system. 


Your curtains, when cleaned our way, are ready for use almost immediately; no fuss, no hassle, no drama!

So if you have curtains that need cleaning in Exeter or Devon, no matter what the fabric or construction, try having them cleaned in-situ. It is stress free, convenient and produces very good cleaning results.



Our professional curtain cleaning technicians are the best available, highly experienced, hard working and most importantly great people who want you to have the best possible outcome to every job they complete.


You can be assured of fantastic customer service and to help you keep your curtains clean until our next visit, Masterclean's amazing spot and stain remover is available. Just ask the technicians on the day of your appointment or you can call our offices to order yours today.


We are always extremely busy throughout the year so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


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