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Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and constructions from many different parts of the world. As professional rug cleaners in Exeter and throughout Devon, it is our job to return as many as we can back to the best possible condition before delivering them back to their owners.


We provide a free collection and delivery service throughout Exeter and Devon for your convenience, but also because the job simply cannot be done properly in your home, as the pictures that follow will confirm.


Oriental rugs generally hold an incredible amount of dry, sandy soil that must be removed before any futher cleaning is attempted. If this dry soil is not removed prior to cleaning then your rug will never be truly clean and will probably re-soil very quickly and soon look worse than it did before!


Fibre identification and the construction of your rug is extremely important, our rug cleaners make an assessment of this and any risks involved in our workshops, prior to cleaning. If there are any issues, you will be informed and a plan of action will then be discussed with you and decided upon. Very rarely is there a situation where it is impossible for us to clean your valuable rug by some method.

As can be seen from the original rug at the top of this page and the second picture here, this particular rug held a large amount of dry soil which needed removing before cleaning. We call this process rug dusting and it is the single most important stage within our cleaning process. As you can imagine this would be impossible to complete in your house. This dry sandy soil would end up all over your home and believe us when we say, it creates a real mess! Our workshop in Exeter is equipped to deal with this mess without disruption to the rug cleaning job at hand.

Once your rug has been dusted properly, only then will it be cleaned with the correct solutions and techniques to suit your particular rug, getting the job done safely and properly. From here your rug is dried rapidly with large air movers before being inspected and wrapped in the correct materials then delivered back to you on a day, date and time that is convenient with you.


We really cannot emphasise enough that this specialist work cannot be done on your premises, so here is another shocking picture of a white wool rug being dusted in our workshop. The dusting process had to be carried out a number of times before a 'clear' result was obtained. If this was in your home, you can imagine what would happen. No matter what anyone tells you, professional rug cleaning should be carried out off site and not in your home if you want the best possible results.


Our professional oriental rug cleaning technicians are the best available, highly experienced, hard working and most importantly great people who want you to have the best possible outcome to every job they complete.


You can be assured of fantastic customer service and to help you keep your rug clean until our next visit, Masterclean's amazing spot and stain remover is available. Just ask the technicians on the day of your appointment or you can call our offices to order yours today.


We are always extremely busy throughout the year so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


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